Saturday 24 October , 2020

The Media Internet supports professional and novice content producers and is at the crossroads of digital multimedia content and Internet technologies. It encompasses two main aspects: Media being delivered through Internet networking technologies (including hybrid technologies) and Media being generated, consumed, shared and experienced on the web.

ISG: Industry Specification Group

One of the NextMedia goals is to support the launch of an Industry Specification Group (ISG) on Future Media Architecture and to analyse other regulatory and standardisation bodies to offer joint standardisation inputs, coordinated between projects, thus achieving higher standardisation possibilities. NextMedia started with seting up procedures to launch the ISG on Future Media Architecture (FIA) as part of the well established European Telecommunication Standards Institute (ETSI).

The scope of the ISG FIA includes:

  • to define the requirements for Future Internet Architectures,
  • to Design a reference model and the building components of Future Internet Architectures,
  • to define interoperability, orchestration, communication and self-organization issues and constrains of Future Internet Architectures resources and systems (networking, computation, storage, content, context), and
  • to define technologies for content-aware and network-aware caching and multi-source context-aware multimedia streaming.

The ISG FIA shall not:

  • define business models for Future Internet Architectures,
  • define service based architectures and applications,
  • define security architectures and security protocols,
  • define communication interfaces, ontologies and semantics.

In addition, NextMedia started with analysis of International and European regulatory frameworks, namely IETF (/W3C) and MPEG, in order to identify and disseminate recommendations from these bodies in the Future Media Internet sector.

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