Wednesday 23 January , 2019

The Media Internet supports professional and novice content producers and is at the crossroads of digital multimedia content and Internet technologies. It encompasses two main aspects: Media being delivered through Internet networking technologies (including hybrid technologies) and Media being generated, consumed, shared and experienced on the web.

Content Searching, Finding and Retrieval

Powering the Next Generation Media Search on the Web .- Roelof Van Zwol

Table Search .- Alon Y. Halevy

Towards Recency Ranking in Web Search .- Anlei Dong

Data-oriented Content Query System: Searching for Data into Text on the Web .- Mianwei Zhou

Why users need semantic search .- Barney Pell

Entity Search: Building Bridges between Two Worlds .- Krisztian Balog

Challenges in Search Beyond Technology.- Ramón Compañó

Content-Based Video Search Applications: Examples from Quaero and Elsewhere .- Pieter van der Linden

Present, Personalized and Precise: Defining Search for Web 3.0 .- Nova Spivack

Get Out of my Picture! Internet-based Inpainting .- Oliver Whyte

Industrial trends for Internet search .- Ricardo Baeza-Yates

Multimedia Search in the perspective of Future Internet Services .- Joao Schwarz da Silva

The Future of Web Search .- Hendrik Speck

SentiSearch: Exploring Mood on the Web .- Sara Owsley Sood

Web services retrieval .- Pierluigi Plebani

Mining the Web 2.0 for Better Search .- Ricardo Baeza-Yates

From Capturing Semantics to Semantic Search: A Virtuous Cycle .- Ricardo Baeza-Yates

Search Technologies in the Critical Path of the Next Generation Internet .- Dag Johansen

Mining the Web to Facilitate Fast and Accurate Approximate Match .- Dong Xin

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