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The Media Internet supports professional and novice content producers and is at the crossroads of digital multimedia content and Internet technologies. It encompasses two main aspects: Media being delivered through Internet networking technologies (including hybrid technologies) and Media being generated, consumed, shared and experienced on the web.


Session at FIA Pozanan 2011

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The Future Internet Assembly is one of the central events of the Future Internet week which takes place every 6 months in the country that is currently holding the EU presidency. In fall 2011 FIA took place in Poznan, Poland October 25 and 26 and a session on Networked Media Roadmapping on October 25 was organised by NextMedia with Paul Moore as Chair of the session. The session could also be followed remotely in live streaming.

You can check this out at their site.


Future Media Internet Architecture – Think Tank Open Workshop on the Future Media Internet Architecture

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The European Commission and the Future Media Internet - Think Tank cordially invites you to the Future Media Internet Architecture (FMIA-TT) open workshop.

The aim of the FMIA-TT is to gather and commit renowned experts in the area of content and networks, to discuss and produce a proposal for a reference model of a Future (Media) Internet Architecture, as part of a generic Future Internet Architecture.

Well-aware of the limitations of the current Internet, several declared forums and groups of scientists world-wide have recognized that the Current Internet (CI) will not be able to support any longer emerging media applications and the content delivery and exchange challenges of the future.

The Future Media Internet Think Tank (FMIA-TT) was created by the nextMEDIA coordination action (, a collaborative project coordinating the proposal of the Future Media Internet in the Framework Programme 7 of the European Commission. The FMIA-TT is strongly linked to the activities of the European “Future Internet Assembly (FIA)”

This group made an identification and analysis of the problems of the current Internet and future requirements, a comparison of the different architectural visions and identification of weaknesses and strengths of the best alternatives as well as open issues and produced a proposal for a Future Internet Architecture (focused on media) reference model creation. See the Future Media Internet Architecture Reference Model.

In this open workshop, the FMIA-TT group would like to present the media architectures in research from both the research community and the industry perspective, establish a discussion and receive feedback from the different European stakeholders and individuals.

A slot has been allocated in the workshop’s schedule for interested audience participants, who are invited to present their views on the Future Media Internet.

For a better organization of this session, please send the confirmation for your participation and if you want to present your view and/or your presentation to ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) before 9th June 2011. For security reasons (to enter the building) please send the following data to the same e-mail address:

  • Name and Surname:
  • Birth date:
  • ID/Passport
  • Affiliation:

New Deadlines

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EU-JAPAN Joint Workshop on Social Networks, Kyoto, Japan, June 10th 2011
Deadline: 1st March 2011 - 1 page Expression of interest / Position Paper

First IPSoN 2011 Workshop - Integration of Physical and Social -Network Sensing and Mining, Wisconsin, USA 4 August 2011
Deadline: 1st March 2011 - 6-Page paper IEEE format

Workshop on Future Media Networks and IP-based TV (FMN-IPTV)

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During the IEEE INFOCOM 2011 NextMEDIA will organize a workshop on Future Multimedia Networks and IP-based TV (FMN-IPTV).

Scope and Topics

The International Workshop on Future Multimedia Networks and IP-based TV (FMN-IPTV) will be a half-day event focusing on the recent disruptions in the future media networks and how these will shape the IP-based television of the future. It is believed that holding it in conjunction with INFOCOM will provide the community with recent advances in IP video that will impact the media networks of the future. The workshop will address the Future Media Internet and IP-based TV, which will not only radically change the telecommunications and the entertainment industries, but they are also expected to stimulate and enhance creativity, professional productivity and community relations. In particular, the workshop intends to have ample time for discussion amongst participants on research topics of emerging trends in the area of seamless media delivery and how the networks, current and future, will support the converged multimedia.

6th FIA Workshop in Ghent

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NextMEDIA will represent the Future Content Networks (FCN) group in the 6th FIA Workshop in Ghent. Moreover, caretakers of the nextMEDIA will organize two sessions of the event. This events will be held on 15th-16th December.



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