Foro UHD Spain Constitution Act

Constitution Act of Foro UHD Spain was held at ETSIT on Tuesday, 26th. of January. José Manuel Menéndez García, Full Professor and former GATV Director, and Asunción Gómez Pérez, Vicerector of Research, Innovation and Doctoral Studies attended to the ceremony.

Foro UHD Spain main goal is to promote 4K, 8K and other Ultra High Definition technologies in Spain.

More info from Panorama Audiovisual, one of the main media in audiovisual sector, here:

First pilot broadcast of UHD 8K signal in DVB-T2

RTVE’s Chair at UPM has presented this Wednesday the first pilot broadcast, worldwide, of UHD 8K signal in DVB-T2. As on other occasions, this pilot has been possible thanks to the collaboration of all the members that make up the Advisory Committee of the Chair in technological aspects: Cellnex Telecom, Dolby, Sapec and the Televés Corporation (Gsertel, TRedess and Televés), as well as Abacanto as a collaborating entity.

José Manuel Menéndez García, director of the Chair, and our colleague Álvaro Llorente Gómez participated in this pilot broadcast on behalf of GATV.

For further information you can visit the following links:

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RTVE’s Chair at UPM takes part in “5G at the audiovisual sector” workshop

RTVE’s Chair at UPM was invited to take part in the workshop “5G at the audiovisual sector”, held by Real Academia de Ingeniería the 12nd. of November. José Manuel Menéndez, director of the Chair, reported on the activities involving the Chair and also on the last progresses in content compression and broadcasting over 5G networks.

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New audiovisual testing session of the 5G Pilot in the environment of Chair RTVE, ETSIT-UPM, Madrid, 7th June 2019

Last Friday 7th June 2019, a new meeting of the Pilot in 5G Technologies took place in the environment of the Chair RTVE (Cátedra RTVE) in the Telecommunication School (Escuela Superior de Ingenieros de Telecomunicación) from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. In that meeting, members of the companies involved in the project developed a collection of tests in audiovisual remote production, through the integration of different modules for 5G transmission.

5G Pilot Workteam

5G Pilot Workteam

Representatives of the entities of the Chair RTVE attended to this meeting, including Gabriel Solsona from RTVE or Juanjo Anaya from Sapec. From UPM, José Manuel Menéndez, director of the Chair RTVE, attended to the event, as well as David Jiménez, Álvaro Llorente and Javier Serrano, who developed the equipment assembly, necessary for the correct functioning of the demonstrators.

Lindos, Rhodes (Greece)

Advances of ICT4LIFE Project in the International Symposium PETRA 2019 in Rhodes (Greece), 5th-7th June 2019

Alberto Belmonte presented last friday 7th June 2019 in the 12th ACM International Conference on PErvasive Technologies Related to Assistive Environments (PETRA 2019) in Rhodes (Greece) the paper entitled “A Novel Framework for Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Monitoring and Assessment in Parkinson Disease Patients using Depth Information”.

Aldemar Amilia Mare, PETRA 2019 Conference venue

Aldemar Amilia Mare, PETRA 2019 Conference venue

Parkinson Disease (PD) is a type of neurodegenerative disease mainly characterised by the progressive declination of motor and cognitive skills. Physical therapies have been shown to be helpful to mitigate the degenerative impact of PD patients by stimulating the patient to maintain activity. However, problems associated to these therapies such as subjective evaluations or lack of accessibility, rise some barriers to professionals and related stakeholders to reach fully functional integrated healthcare systems. In the paper presented by Belmonte, a novel framework to continuously monitor and assess PD patients in their therapies is presented. This framework is composed of a sensorial system that captures movement information from patients while they perform physical rehabilitation therapies and a tool for processing this information, extracting movement patterns and providing an objective evaluation of the performed exercises. The system has been deployed and tested in a real-world environment with PD patients at different stages of the disease. The evaluation of the system underlined the added value of objective data in measuring patient movement evolution and how this helps in personalizing treatment according to patients needs.

The work was developed in the framework of ICT4Life H2020 Project in collaboration with the greek research company CERTH and the spanish Parkinson Madrid Association.

ICT4LIFE: This project has received funding from the European Commision
RTVE Headquarters in Torrespaña, Madrid

Mid-term Review of H2020 Project 5G-Media, RTVE Headquarters, Madrid, 29-30th May 2019

The mid-term review of H2020 Project 5G-Media took place in Madrid in the Headquarters of the Spanish Broadcaster RTVE during the dates 29th and 30th May 2019, with the attendance of representatives of all entities, including Javier Serrano and David Jiménez from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Partners of the Project presented the last advances of 5G-Media to the Project Officer and to the Experts Commitee.

Preparing the Mid-term Review in RTVE Headquarters in Torrespaña (Madrid)

Preparing the Mid-term Review in RTVE Headquarters in Torrespaña (Madrid)

Demonstrators corresponding to the different Use Cases (UC) of the 5G-Media project and based on innovative technologies are presented in the review. The three use cases are the following:

  • UC1: Immersive media and Virtual Reality
  • UC2: Smart Production and User-generated Content
  • UC3: Ultra High Definition over Content Delivery Network
RTVE Headquarters in Torrespaña, Madrid

RTVE Headquarters in Torrespaña, Madrid

Business Innovation is an important point to keep in mind because 5G-MEDIA aims to step from innovation to a truly exploitable solution. 5G-MEDIA platform enables not only efficient microservice development, management and orchestration, but it pioneers innovative Streaming as a Service (StraaS) business models, over nodes that belong to different administrative domains. 5G-MEDIA network applications also enables fully transparent, seamless and scalable traceability of each individual microservice instantiation throughout its lifetime and monitor the execution time and resources consumed at each node. Another novel feature of the services is the ability to modify, at any time, the permissions granted or the SLA negotiated during initial deployment, with a new set of permissions or new SLAs, or revoke service or VNF execution permission.

More information in the following link: 5G-Media.

Nem Summit 2019, Zagreb (Croatia)

Nem Summit 2019, Zagreb, Croatia, 22th-23th May 2019

The 11th edition of NEM Initiative annual conference Nem European Media Summit (Nem Summit) 2019 is organized this year in The Mimara Museum of Zagrab (Croatia) from 22 to 23 May 2019. NEM Initiative is the New European Media Technology Platform that organizes the NEM Summit 2019 conference, consisting in keynote presentations and an exhibition focused on presentating results of various research projects.

Members of the NEM Initiative, including José Manuel Menéndez and Federico Álvarez from UPM

Members of the NEM Initiative, including José Manuel Menéndez and Federico Álvarez from UPM

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) participated in the event through the figure of Federico Álvarez García. Federico Álvarez and Mario Montagud (from i2Cat) discussed in a roundtable (Session B-2) with different speakers about accessibility in Europe towards the creation of a platform for inclusive media, as partners of the Accessibility Cluster Projects: ImAc, EasyTV, Content4All and SIGN-HUB. EasyTV is coordinated by UPM. Additionally, Federico Álvarez collaborated in another roundtable (Session A-1) about Artificial Intelligence for media and creative industries, presenting some of the works developed in his research group in this field.

On the other side, researcher Massimo Magaldi from the italian company Engineering talked about Advanced analytics services developed in the environment of FANDANGO H2020 Project to detect disinformartion and fake news. UPM is also partner of FANDANGO Project.

José Manuel Menéndez, director of research group GATV, attended to the event, and collaborated in the session “All in the media & Creative Industries”.

For more information about the event. Please, check the following link.

1st Plenary Meeting of REBUILD Project in Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Madrid, 13-14th May 2019

The 1st Plenary Meeting of European H2020 REBUILD (ICT-enabled integration facilitator and life rebuilding guidance Project) took place in Madrid in Escuela de Ingenieros de Telecomunicación from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid during from 13th to 14th May 2019.

Partners of the REBUILD Project in the Plenary Meeting in Madrid

Partners of the REBUILD Project in the Plenary Meeting in Madrid

Users and stakeholders engagement is a key success factor addressed both in the Consortium composition and in its capacity to engage relevant stakeholders external to the REBUILD project. The key technology solutions proposed are: GDPR-compliant migrants’ integration related background information gathering with user consent and anonymization of personal information; AI-based profile analysis to enable both personalized support and policy making on migration-related issues; AI-based needs matching tool, to match migrant needs and skills with services provided by local authorities in EU countries and labor market needs at local and regional level; a digital companion for migrants enabling personalized two-way communication using chatbots to provide them smart support for easy access to local services (training, health, employment, welfare, etc.) and assessment of the level of integration and understanding of the new society, while providing to local authorities data-driven, easy to use decision supporting tools for enhancing capacities and effectiveness in service provision. Cross-culturality, ethical, accessibility dimensions will be addressed since the very beginning of the project, and validated and assessed in terms of consistency and impact during the project lifespan.

REBUILD Project Consrtium, belonging to the call of european projects “H2020-SC6-MIGRATION-2018”, is composed by the following partners:

  • Università Telematica Internazionale (Uninettuno) [Consortium Leader, Italy]
  • Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) [Spain]
  • Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (UAB) [Spain]
  • DEN Institute [Belgium]
  • Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) [Belgium]
  • Societa’ Cooperativa Sociale Camelot A R.L (CIDAS) [Italy]
  • Syllogos Ethelonton Kilkis (OMNES) [Greece]
  • Engineering Informatica [Italy]
  • Centre For Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH) [Greece]
  • Metropolitan Development Agency of Thessaloniki (MDAT) [Greece]
  • United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) [France]

For more information about REBUILD Project, click on the following link

Marcos Quintana during his Doctoral Thesis dissertation

Marcos Quintana defends his Doctoral Thesis about modeling human behaviour, E.T.S.I.T (UPM), Madrid, 10th May 2019

Our colleague Marcos Quintana defended his Doctoral Thesis with title “Modeling human behaviour to improve retail efficiency and health monitoring” last 10th May in E.T.S.I. de Telecomunicación by Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, supervised and codirected by José Manuel Menéndez and Federico Álvarez. The Thesis committee highlighted his outstanding work and the Doctoral Thesis received an excellent rating.

Marcos Quintana during his Doctoral Thesis dissertation

Marcos Quintana during his Doctoral Thesis dissertation

The dissertation presents a model to express the most relevant features of the human behaviour, specifying two personalized instances for retail and health monitoring domains. These features are divided into static and dynamic. For the static ones facial features are the most relevant since they can express different attributes of the subjects such as age, gender or emotions. For that purpose landmarks and pose are the most significant points of interest. However, the body pose can also reveal some interesting features of the current state of one person and should also be taken into account. Regarding the dynamic properties, the trajectories described by a subject in the monitored scenario can also express very useful insights. It is a basic task to delimit the area where the subject is located, that is mandatory to perform the static inferences. The interactions of the user with the environment are a very relevant feature, and should be modeled as well.

UHD broadcast in Santiago de Compostela

Televés Corporación Technological Center, in Santiago de Compostela, held the first UHD broadcast on 3 May. José Manuel Menéndez was personally invited, as Director of RTVE’s Chair at UPM, to the broadcasting by Mr. Santiago Rey, CEO of Televés Corporation.