Topics within our research lines for B. Sc. thesis (TFG) and M. Sc. thesis (TFM):

B. Sc. thesis (TFG) / M. Sc. thesis (TFM) usingTSDuck

Type: B. Sc. thesis (TFG) / M. Sc. thesis (TFM):

Purpose: The development of a tool in order to analyse and modify both multimedia contents and service information tables in an MPEG transport stream. To do that, the TSDuck tool will be used, an open source tool for digital television systems. TSDuck is developed in C++ but it has a large collection of plugins that can be used in the command line. The developed tool will be integrated with professional equipment for the reception and transmission of multimedia content through the DTT.

Requirements: Python programming skills for the integration of the tool

Contact person: Álvaro Llorente (alg @

B. Sc. thesis (TFM) Cultural Heritage automatic monitoring

Type: B. Sc. (TFM)

Purpose: Development of a system for monitoring the deterioration of elements of the cultural heritage from images captured by different devices. The system must perform the calibration and colorimetric analysis tasks that allow homogenizing and extracting deterioration characteristics.

Requirements: Python or c/c++ basic skills
Contact: Juan Antonio Rodrigo  jrf [@]

B. Sc. thesis (TFG) Performance evaluation of professional and domestic displays

Type: B. Sc. thesis (TFG)

Purpose: The purpose of this TFG is the development and execution of an evaluation plan for home and professional broadcasting displays according to the current regulations / standars (EBU TR 332 and others),

El objetivo del TFG es el desarrollo y ejecución de un plan de evaluación de monitores domésticos y profesionales (del entorno de Broadcast) según normativa vigente (EBU TR 332 y otras), in order to determine the characteristics of the monitor and its capacity to work with signals that include typical aspects of HD and UHD video, such as colorimetry, dynamic range of brightness, bit/pixel depth, interfaces for connectivity, etc. It will be necessary to generate test signals (both images and video) to test the capabilities of the monitor, using tools such as ffmpeg, DaVinci Resolve, TS Duck, etc., generate a test plan and execute it to obtain conclusions about the monitor performance.

Requirements: Knowledge and use of the mentioned tools, programming in C/ C++, expertise and skills in operating lab equipment.

Contact person: José Manuel Menéndez jmm [@]

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