The partners of 5G-Media Project visited the RTVE studios in Torrespaña

Consortium Meeting of 5G-Media H2020 Project in RTVE Institute in Madrid, 10th-11th July 2018

A new consortium plenary meeting of 5G-Media H2020 Project has taken place in RTVE Institute in Madrid (Spain), during dates 10th-11th July 2018. Members of GATV attended the meeting, including Full Professor and director of the research group José Manuel Menéndez, David Jiménez and Javier Serrano.

Plenary Meeting of 5G-Media Project in Madrid

Plenary Meeting of 5G-Media Project in Madrid

During the meeting the advances in the developments of the pilots related to each Use Case of the project, based on technologies related to:

  • Immersive media and Virtual Reality
  • Smart Production and User-generated Content
  • Ultra High Definition over Content Delivery Network

At the end of the meeting, the partners had the chance to visit the RTVE headquarters in Torrespaña. The visitors watched the news studio and had access to the technology used by the broadcaster.

Check the video presented by Stamatia Rizou from SingularLogic S.A., who is the Technical Manager of the 5G-Media Project, that describes the technical objectives of the H2020 Project.

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