GATV is now member of the Network of Excellence TECHNOHERITAGE for the Cultural Heritage Conservation, 11th February 2019

The Grupo de Aplicación de Telecomunicaciones Visuales (GATV) from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid is now member of Technoheritage, Red de Ciencia y Tecnología para la Conservación del Patrimonio (Network of Science and Technology for the Cultural Heritage Conservation), a Network of Excellence for research in the fields of conservation of art and cultural heritage using the most innovative technologies in chemistry, image and communication.

Importance of the Cultural Heritage Conservation

Importance of the Cultural Heritage Conservation

The 4th International Congress Science and Technology for the Conservation of Cultural Heritage is organized by the network in collaboration with Universidad de Sevilla and Universidad Pablo de Olavide, and will take place in Seville 26-30th March 2019. Technoheritage is an interdisciplinary and international forum for discussions on all aspects of Cultural Heritage. The conference presents a special session focused on topics such as the application of digital technology for the sustainable management, knowledge and social innovation. The conference shows a high-quality scientific programme that includes new emerging topics in Cultural Heritage such as: Digital Information Model (BIM, GIS, and BIM & GIS integration) for the prevention, conservation and management of heritage; the role of innovative monitoring techniques and social value in the management of information for the conservation of Cultural Heritage. GATV will present in the conference their last developments in collaboration with IPCE (Instituto del Patrimonio Cultural de España).

Technoheritage is a network funded by the call of “Networks of Excellence” HAR216-81748-REDT, AEI-MINECO
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